An inquest was held by the County Coroner at Failsworth, on Tuesday  into the
cause of the death of a handloom weaver, named Simeon POLLITT, aged 71  years.

In the month of January the deceased was called to see a dog which was ill,  
and he administered to it some large pills. While administering these he  
scratched his hands with its teeth. He made light of the wounds, but on the 14th  
inst. Dr. SPARROW was sent for, as the deceased showed signs of a serious  

The doctor found him to be suffering from all the symptoms of hydrophobia,  
and treated him accordingly, but he became worse and died on Saturday. It was  
remarked by the coroner that this was the second recent case of hydrophobia  
which had occurred through the incautious administration of medicine, and this  
he said showed the necessity of exercising great caution in dealing with the  

The jury returned a verdict of death from hydrophobia.