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During Sunday and Monday considerable consternation prevailed in the  city
owing to a rumour that a woman had been murdered on the Sands on Saturday  
evening. Happily the rumour was unfounded.

A shocking outrage however, had been committed on a young woman named Mary  
BOYD, an idle girl, who was found in an insensible condition near Mr. ROBINSON’
s  Auction Mart, about nine o’clock on Saturday night. She was conveyed to the
 Police Office, and examined by Dr. WALKER, who advised her removal to the  
infirmary. This was done.

It appeared the young woman, who was drunk, was suffering from a number of  
wounds on the head, and her face was so much swollen and disfigured that the  
police, who have often had to apprehend her, were unable to recognise her. Some
 of the wounds suggest that they had been administered with a blunt
instrument  like a clog.

Mr. MACKAY, the chief constable, and his subordinates made inquiry  
respecting the movements of the girl during the evening; they found that she had  been
drinking with several men in a public house in the vicinity of Corporation  
Road, and that she was subsequently seen in company with a labourer named John  
DALEY, who lives in Old Grapes Lane. A quarrel is said to have taken place  
between them, the unfortunate woman not only being treated in a brutal manner,  
but having her pockets rifled. Her groans attracted the attention of a  
passer-by, who informed the police.

On Monday afternoon, DALEY was apprehended while at work at one of the  
auction marts, and will be brought before the magistrates at the Town Hall this  
Friday morning. BOYD lives in Finkle Street. She has been leading a sad life for
 several years. She was one of the chief witnesses in a local divorce case a
few  weeks ago, and while in London she was in the hands of the police through
drink;  indeed, a special application was necessary to obtain her release
from gaol to  give evidence.