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The Daily News’ Cabul correspondent telegraphs -

“Foraging parties from General ROSS’s force have been fired on  by the Neukh
tribesmen, who were punished last November. On a force moving to  cover the
foraging parties the enemy retired. A reconnaissance shows that the  Ghuznee
road is clear. The towers are deserted. Two or three thousand Umar Kheyl  
Ghilzais hold the neighboring hills.

General STEWART is within two days march of Ghuznee. Cabul is  quiet. Two
guns, a wing of the 92nd, and the Guides Corps marched to Charasiab  on Wednesday
to watch the Sogar Valley.

The Standard’s Bombay correspondent states that communication  with Candahar
has been re-established, and posts at Cabul have been strengthened  and
fortified. Reports have been received to the effect that the Hazavas, taking  
advantage of the British advance, have attacked and captured Ghuznee. According  to
reports from Turkestan, Abdul Rahman has executed several of his followers on  
the ground that they have mutinied, and that Cabul levies had  deserted.