The bodies of a man, a woman and a child have been found in a  canal on the
outskirts of Sheffield. The woman has been identified as Lucy  Oldfield, and
the child, who was about 12 months old, is hers. She was a  domestic servant,
and had been out of a situation for some considerable time.  She consequently  
had suffered considerable privation.

A few days ago she left her child with a friend, stating that  she was going
to look after a place. She returned the same day unsuccessful, and  took the
child away with her. She was not again seen alive, and the supposition  is that
she made her way at once to the canal and jumped in with her baby in her  
arms. The two bodies were found only a short distance apart.

The body of the man, who has not yet been identified, was also  very near;
and the belief of the police is that he was in the neighbourhood when  the woman
jumped into the water, and lost his life endeavoring to save  hers.



William DUMBLETON was sentenced to death at Northampton  Assizes on Tuesday
by Mr. Justice LINDLEY, for the willful murder of John  EDMONDS, at
Ludgershall, Bucks, on February 3rd.

Deceased had been showing some watches at a public house, and  was afterwards
followed by the prisoner. He was found subsequently with his  throat cut.

The jury recommended the prisoner to mercy on account of his  defective