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“WOODWORKER,” an Indian chief, says he has never seen a grey haired  Indian
in his life, and he has seen some over ninety years old. It is because an  
Indian has no trouble, no worriment, or anything that way. Let an Indian start a  
twenty-four column newspaper in a six column town, to fill a long felt want,
and  his hair would turn gray in one night.

-Norristown Herald.


A member of the Iowa Legislature was highly indignant at the Speaker of  the
House when he announced him a member of the Committee on ‘Federal  Relations.’
 He considered it a rank, bitter insult.

“Look here, Mr. Speaker,” said he, “none of your tricks upon travelers. You  
needn’t think because I am a new member you can run your rigs upon me. I am
not  so green as you suppose. Go to thunder with your Federal Relations. I haven
’t  one of them in the world - and wouldn’t own him if I had.”


“dat culled pussum on de jury, him’s de man I objec’ to,” said a negro when
 put on trial in the Marion, S. C. court the other day. The black man was  
unseated, and the prisoner given acquittal. After his release the negro was  
asked what he had against the juryman of his own colour.

“Nuffin at all, boss,” said he; “but ye see, I knowed if I flattered de  
prejudus od de odder jurymen dat I get off, an’ golly I did.”

From an advertisement in our columns it will be seen that a  Register of
Furnished Houses and Apartments for the convenience of visitors of  the Royal Show
is about to be published. Parties having apartments are invited  to send
particulars to Messrs. LITTLE and BALLANTYNE.



A meeting of the parishioners of Wigton was held in the vestry room of the  
Parish Church on Thursday (yesterday) to take into consideration the  
desirability of re-pewing the body of the parish church, which is at present  fitted up
with pews, with doors and open benches.

The chair was taken by the Rev. J. B. KAYSS, vicar of Wigton. A long  
discussion took place on the subject, after which it was resolved by a majority  of
six to two to take steps to have the church re-pewed.

A system of heating the church will also form part of the improvements. A  
large committee was appointed to carry out the arrangements.



The other day a shepherd at Coshogle, Nithsdale, having killed the vixen  
carried away seven young foxes. The difficulty was how to suckle them until they  
would be valuable. This was got over by putting them to a bitch whose whelps
had  been drowned. It first licked them, and then quietly admitted them into
the  nursery, where they are doing well.

The New York Mail mentions a new kind of marriage announcement, in  which
only the names of the bride and clergyman appear. As civilisation advances  the
groom becomes of less and less importance on such occasions.


A Western stump-orator, in the course of one of his speeces, remarked,  “
Gentlemen, if the Parsyfic Ocean wor an inkstand, and the hull clouded canopy  of
Heaven, and the level ground of our yearth wor a sheet of paper, I couldn’t  
begin to write my love of country on to it.”


Young gentlemen - “I wonder why they call them “dog-carts?”

Young lady - “Because they generally carry puppies.”


A Mississippi planter who owned many slaves in the bad old days now boasts  
that all his (“N-word“) have turned out well; not one of them has been elected
 to the Legislature.

On Tuesday evening as the Rev. Dr. HAYMAN, rector of Aldingham, was  driving
home in a pony phaeton, the pony took fright whilst descending a steep  hill
leading to the rectory.

The Rev. gentleman endeavoured to keep it in the middle of the road; but in  
its headlong flight it ran against the wall, throwing out Dr. HAYMAN and  
breaking the phaeton to pieces.

The Rev. gentleman sustained serious injuries, both internally and  
externally. On Wednesday morning he had so far rallied as to lead his medical  
attendant to give hope of his recovery.



The 145th annual dinner of this institution is fixed for the 12th of next  
month, Mr. George HOWARD to preside.

On that day there will be an election of four beneficiaries of the charity;  
there are seven applicants. At present there are 29 pensioners upon the funds.
 Last year the subscriptions amounted to £230, the donations to £501, and the
 dividends upon invested capital to £203.

On Saturday a singular case of accidental death was reported to Mr.  John
HUMPHREYS, the coroner for Middlesex.

Alfred HARRIS, aged 11, the son of a licensed victualler of Mortimer Road,  
Hackney, was in the habit of placing his head in a Jack-towel hanging behind
the  door and swinging round and round until his face and head enveloped as in a

On Thursday last he again did it, but was seized with vertigo and hung  
senseless until he was suffocated. The poor boy was found dead hanging in the  
towel shortly afterwards.


NEW C.B.’s

The Queen has been pleased to confer the dignity of C. B. on the Hon.  
Charles FREMANTLE, Mr. STRONGE, Mr. T. H. SANDERSON, and Mr. John Ball  GREEN.



The Times’ Paris correspondent says: -

“A French anti-tobacco society having petitioned M. LEPRE to forbid the  sale
of tobacco to boys under sixteen years of age, and the smoking by them in  
taverns and out-of-door cafes, he has replied that if the effects of tobacco on  
youths were as noxious as those of alochol Legislative interference would be  
very desirable.”



On Friday a man named Joseph THOMPSON, a labourer, residing at  Wigton , had
some words with his wife because he had returned home from  Leicester the
worse of liquor. He said, “I’ll hang myself in five minutes,” and  went upstairs
to his bedroom.

His wife went for assistance, but on her return he was found  hanging by the
neck quite dead.



Mr. S. MORLEY, Liberal M. P. for Bristol, writes to the  papers, expressing
the regret and sorrow which he feels that he was led, in the  heat of the late
election, to sanction a telegram being sent off in his name,  urging the
electors of Northampton to be united in behalf of Mr. BRADLAUGH,  whose religious,
social, and political views he regards with “extreme  repugnance.”



In the principal markets there has been a heavy fall in  iron, consequent on
the absence of legitimate business. Holders had become  alarmed by the reports
about over-production, and were determined to get rid of  their stocks at all



A strange incident occurred recently in Pearson County, North  Carolina.

A three year old child was sitting on a stile feeding  chickens, when a large
eagle swooped down at the chickens, scattering them in  all directions. As
the child was moving off the eagle made a second swoop,  catching the child in
its talons. With its prey it rose in the air, but the  child was to heavy, and
the eagle managed to flutter a short distance to the  limb of a decayed oak.

Its talons were so entangled in the clothing of the child that  it could not
get loose, and the weight soon made it come down to the ground,  when the
father of the child came up and killed the eagle. The child, save some  deep
scratches, was uninjured.



A fire, which raged several hours, and did damage to the extent of about  
£5000, took place on Friday afternoon in the Civil Service Stores, Bedford  
Street, Strand, London.



The world renowned shorthorn cow, the First Duchess of Oneida, by the Tenth  
Duke of Thorndale, belonging to Lord SKELMERSDALE, Latham House, has died from
 liver congestion and inflammation, brought on by cold.

The famous animal was bought by his lordship in 1873 for 30,600 dols.


At the Devon Assizes, on Friday, George TANNER, a groom, belonging to  
Plymouth, was convicted of stealing several hundred articles of jewellery,  valued
at £2000, from the traveller of Moses WOOLF and Co., London, who was  staying
in a hotel at Exeter.

Prisoner and an accomplice, who escaped, were staying at the establishment,  
and were detected by the “boots” coming down stairs in the early morning,  
carrying the portmanteau.

The chief constable stated that the prisoner had been identified as one of  a
gang of robbers who,  within a short time, had plundered hotels at  Glasgow,
Carlisle, Bristol, Bath &c.

He was sentenced to ten years penal servitude.



At a banquet given in his honour on Friday by the electors of Midlothian,  
the Earl of DALKEITH declared, amid loud cheers, that he would fight their  
battle again, if they desired it; he should be willing to work with them and for  
them in whatever capacity they thought fit.



At midnight on Sunday a daring outrage was committed at Creagh Boley,  
Ireland, upon a small farmer named HEALLY, who had recently taken four acres of  
land from which a man named WALSH had been dispossessed ten days before.

A party of men with blackened faces entered HEALLY’s house, took him off  his
bed, and after firing shots through the house made him promise to give up  
the land, which he has since done. No arrests have been made.



A daring burglary was perpetrated at a Liverpool pawnbroker’s shop on  Monday

Mrs. ROSCOE, the occupant, was roused, and upon a policeman entering the  
place he found three men secreted, named BUCKSTONE, M’GAILEY, and MACKEY.

BUCKSTONE attempted to stab the policeman, and a desperate struggle ensued,  
during which he fell down a flight of stairs and was secured. Upon him were  
found 14 watches, eight chains, three silk handkerchiefs, and a desert knife
and  fork.

The prisoners, who were well known, were on Tuesday committed to the  assizes


At the last meeting of the Perthshire Society of Natural Science, a  
beautiful specimen of a brown crow, shot at Legerlaw, Coupar-Angus, was  exhibited.  
This is believed to be the first specimen of a brown crow ever  captured in
this country.

The  plumage of the bird was exceedingly fine, the body and head being  of
dark brown colour, while the tips of the wings were of a lighter shade.

The crow had been observed flying with its “black” neighbors for about six  
months previous to the time it was shot.



No tidings have yet arrived of the missing training ship Atlanta, which has  
not been heard of or seen for eighty-two days; and, although other vessels on  
the same route have been known to be fully as long a time delayed by calms,  
adverse winds or rough weather, it is idle to deny that there is now very
little  hope of her return