The coroner on Friday held an inquest at Guy’s Hospital upon the body  of
Mrs. Charolette BELL, aged 44 of 9 Fernlee road, Camberwell, who committed  

The deceased had given way to habits of intemperance, and had pledged  almost
every thing she could get her hands upon. The husband had said to her,  “If
you dare to go to the pawnbroker’s shop again, we must separate. Home and  
children are going to destruction all through your cursed drink.”

She managed on Saturday to pawn some earrings and spoons for a small sum,  
with which more spirits were purchased. The husband then declared that he should
 take the children and leave her to the parish if she would not see the error
of  her ways.

On Tuesday in his absence and in a fit of delirium caused by drink, she cut  
her throat with a large carving knife, and died within a half an hour. The
jury  found the verdict of “Temporary  insanity.”