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We deeply regret to record the death, from fever, of the Rev.  J. Clifton
WARD, F. G. S., Vicar of Rydal.

For some years he was the head of the local Geological Survey,  in which
capacity he completed the investigation and delineation of Cumberland.  But being
of a grave and religious character, he was led to prepare for the  ministry of
the Church. About two years ago he was ordained by the Bishop of  Carlisle,
and became, in the first place, curate with Canon BATTERSBY at  Keswick, and
subsequently the Bishop appointed him to Rydal.

Mr. Clifton WARD must be ranked among the greatest benefactors  to this
county, because principally to his sober enthusiasm, vivid descriptive  power, and
great knowledge we must ascribe that revival of intellectual vitality  in the
district, which has so generally resulted in the establishment of  scientific
and literary societies during the last four or five  years.

He was born at Clapham in 1843. Being in delicate health, he  was sent to
school at fragrant  and delightful Hastings, and on his return  to London he
became a  student at the Royal School of Mines, where he  distinguished himself
greatly. He matriculated at the London University. In 1865  he received an
appointment on the Geological Survey. His first service was in  the midland
counties, and in 1868 he was transferred to the lake District, where  he worked for
seven years, with results which are described in his interesting  volume,
Memoirs of the Geological Survey.

Subsequently he removed to the north of Carlisle. He married a  Miss. BENSON,
of Cockermouth, whom he leaves, with two young children. Mr. WARD  wrote on
Tuesday week saying he could not attend the Council meeting of the  Antiquarian
Society fixed for Thursday last at Penrith, as he was in bed with  
intermittent fever.

The Council on the meeting had the melancholy news of the  death of their
accomplished colleague.