A Farmer writes: -

“Will you allow me a small space to offer a practical suggestion in  
reference to ‘Rot in Sheep.’ Farmers should remove their flocks from low lying  wet
lands to high or dry ground; and, instead of feeding them turnips saturated  
with moisture, devoid of nourishing qualities, and more or less impregnated with
 the ‘fluke’ worms, should give them dry nutritive food, and the disease
will  rapidly disappear.

This year the farmers have more than the usual abundance of straw, which  
they should utilize by chopping it up and mixing it with Egyptian lentils, of  
which sheep are fond, in moderate proportion. The nutritive and curative  
properties of Egyptian lentils are well known, that popular article of diet,  ‘
Revalenta Arabica,’ having them for its chief component, and is largely used as  a
specific for the liver complaint. The sheep should feed out of the trough or  
rack, which would prevent them from licking up the ejected larvae.