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(Before H. FLETCHER, Esq., Chairman, and  R. S. THOMPSON, Esq.)


Two lads, named Isaac GORTON and George DOUGLAS, one about  eight and the
other about ten years of age, were charged with having stolen  coals from the
works of the KIRK Brothers. Timothy BRADBURY, who appeared on  behalf of the
company, stated that on Wednesday last, between ten and eleven  o’clock in the
morning, he was going through the Marsh Works when he saw one of  the defendants
taking a bag of coals away. He went after him, and upset the bag,  to see
whether it was coals or ashes. The lad told him that there was another  little
fellow who had a bucket full hid in the dyke.

The company was in the habit of losing coal every week. They  had lost about
a ton last week. It was not the lad’s fault but the  parents.

The Chairman told the parents, who appeared, that they were  worse than the
children for allowing them to bring coal into the house. They  were ordered to
pay the expenses, 8s 6d each.



George FITZPATRICK was charged by Margaret SMITH with having  committed an

Complainant stated that three weeks last Saturday night  FITZPATRICK came
into her house with a brush and said that he was “Looking for  that ---
Englishman to  fight;” but her husband was not in at the time. She  thought he would
have struck her if her young brother had not been in.  -

The Bench remarked that FITZPATRICK had not assaulted her and  dismissed the