(Before  the Mayor and T. MILBURN, Esq.)

Patrick RUSH was charged on remand with stealing a suit of  clothes belonging
to Martin CONWAY, on the 11th November last.

The prisoner was apprehended at Hexham. The Chief Constable  said the
prosecutor was a hawker, and had been written to at different parts,  but could not
be found. The Bench discharged the prisoner.


John LINTON, bacon dealer, of Nelson Street, was charged with  furiously
riding a horse along the Crescent on the 12th inst.

P. C. LITTLE proved the case. Defendant said he was having a  ride out; it
was the only enjoyment he had. The Bench fined him 5s and  costs.

Defendant: Gentlemen, I return my sincere thanks for getting  off so easily.
I hope this will be my last time. (Laughter.)