At this court, on Friday, Mr. R. BELL, draper, Wigton, sued  the London and
North Western Railway Company for £3, damages for delay of the  delivery of
some goods. Mr. LAZONBY was for plaintiff, and Mr. CROPE of London  was for the
Company. A box, containing about £50 worth of ladies’ jackets and  other goods
was sent from Manchester to plaintiff in September, and it did not  arrive
until the 7th October. Plaintiff lost his sale. He only claimed £3,  though he
would loss at least £20. It was contended that the address was not on  the box,
but Mr. LAZONBY said it had been torn off in the company’s  possession.

An immediate order for the amount claimed was  made.


Mr. SEALBY, Underbrow, Sebergham, sued Mr. EMMERSON, brewer,  Caldbeck, for
£9 5s, price of a heifer. Mr. WANNOP was for plaintiff, and Mr.  RIGG for
defendant. It appeared that the plaintiff put a heifer into a sale of  stock
belonging to a farmer named FERGUSON; the animal was put up by the  auctioneer,
without stating the owner’s name, and the defendant who wanted an  account of £4
from FERGUSON, bought the heifer, thinking he was “buying himself  out.”
Plaintiff said he told the defendant the heifer was his; but this was  denied. -
Verdict for the plaintiff.


Mr. Thomas EARL, of the Shoulder and Mutton Inn, Wigton,  brought an action
against Mr. Richard ROBINSON, Wigton, to recover £15, value of  a greyhound.
Mr. BENSON was for plaintiff, and Mr. WANNOP for the defendant.  Plaintiff had a
young greyhound in a field called Barton’s Laws on the 28th  March. The
defendant trains greyhounds, and some of them were in a field  adjoining. It was
contended that one of the defendant’s dogs ran after one of  the plaintiff, bit
it, breaking one of its legs. Two witnesses said the break  was done by the
bite of a dog. - For the defence, it was contended that the  dog’s leg was
broken by accident.

In the course of the evidence, it was stated that a boy “set”  the dog on the plaintiff's dog.  His Honour gave a verdict for £5 and costs.