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(Before J. JAMESON, Esq., and Dr.  WICKHAM)


John HAUGH, farm servant, Matterdale, was charged with  stealing a watch, the
property of Philip MATTINSON, from the Pack Horse Inn,  Penrith. Mr. S. K.
JAMES appeared for the defence.

The case for the prosecution was to the effect that the  prosecutor slept at
the Pack Horse Inn, Penrith, on Martinmas Tuesday last, and  the following
morning found that his watch had been stolen. The prisoner was  seen about the
place the morning of the robbery. The wtch had changed hands  several times
since then.

The defence was that the watch was purchased without the  knowledge it had
been stolen. - After a lengthy hearing, the Bench dismissed the  charge.



Margaret LINCOLN, an idle person, was sent to gaol for a fortnight for  
stealing a waterproof jacket and a hearth rug at Penrith some time ago. The  goods
were found in her house.



(Before J. JAMESON, Esq., Dr. WICKHAM, T. E. H.  DOWSON, Esq., R. THOMPSON,
Esq., and W. H. PARKIN, jun., Esq.)


Joseph NIXON, labourer, was charged with assaulting John ABBOTT, also a  
labourer, at Penrith, on the 10th March, near the White Ox Inn. Mr. S. K. JAMES  
appeared for the defendant.

Dr. JACKSON assistant with Dr. MONTGOMERY, said that on the second day  after
complainant received his injuries he was called in to see him. He found  him
suffering from a rupture of the urethra and extravasation of urine. The skin  
was darkened. He was extremely ill for four days, and he was obliged to use  
instruments. The last time he saw him he was not able to get out of bed.

The case was adjourned for a week.