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Audience of Local Surveyors.

   "Coal mine to road" was the title of a fascinating  talkie film,
organised by the British Road Tar Association, and shown at the  Botchergate Picture
House, Carlisle, on Saturday to an audience of 70 people,   comprising members
of the Cumberland Surveyors Association, representatives of  local quarry
owners and tar distillers, Cumberland and Westmoreland Gas Managers  Association,
and others.

   The film was introduced by Mr. John CORRIGAN, Gas  Engineer to the
Penrith U. D. C.  who is a chairman of  the North  Western Tar Board of the B. R. T.
A. In explaining the objects of the  Association, Mr. CORRIGAN said it was
formed some four years ago, and now  numbered nearly 800 members. The main
object of the Association was to increase  the quantity of British Tar used on the
roads of the country.

   They were not selling an organisation, but sought  to keep their product
well to the notice of surveyors, by carrying out  experimental and research
work on roads surfacing materials, and thus improving  the quality of the road
tar to meet the demands of modern road transport.

   The film, which shows the producing of tar at gas  works and coke ovens.
The quarrying and grading of stone, the making of tarred  macadam and finally
the construction of a modern road, proved very interesting  and emphasised the
point that tar is 100 per cent British product. The guests  included:

Mr. G. O. LOCKWOOD, County Surveyor

Mr. H. B. FLEMING, Shap Granite Company

Mr. H. DAVIES, Embleton Quarries

Mr. G. S. BRAGG, Threlkeld Quarries

Major IRWIN, West Cumberland By-Products Co.

Mr. D. WATTLEWORTH, United Steel Company

Mr. J. HADWEN, United Steel Company.