On Wednesday last an inquest was held at the house of Mr Peter Harrison of
High Hill before W. W. Lumb Esq,deputy coroner for West Cumberland, on view
of the body of Mr Henry Bennett of High Hill, woodmonger, whose body was
found in the river Derwent near to the watering-place at the How.The first
witness called was Thomas Bennett nephew of the deceased, who said he last
saw him alive soon after seven o,clock on Monday morning walking about the
premises. He (the deceased) enquired for Chapman the carter as he wanted to
see him.He then walked round the end of the school towards Crosthwaite and
witness never saw him afterwards.It was quite a dark morning.The next
witness called was Robert Rigg who said he was walking down the river and
when near the How saw something in the river which he thought was a man and
he called to two men on the opposite side to come over to where he was as he
had found him (meaning the deceased) .His clothes were fast to a spile in
the river.The men came round by the bridge and went for the police.Henry
Routledge said he was walking down the river with Mathew Postlethwaite in
search of Henry Bennett as they had heard he was missing.They were on the
opposite side but went over to where Rigg was and saw the body in the water
with the face and hands downwards.It would be about five feet deep and six
or seven yards from the side.They went to a farmhouse and got a stick with a
crook to it;they managed to get hold of the body and drew it out.They then
saw it was Henry Bennett.Noticed a cut on the left temple which was partly
bleeding Thought the wound was caused by falling against a stone.M
Postlethwaite corroberated the above statement and added that he thought the
body had come a considerable way down the river as it was pretty full at the
time. Sarah Postlethwaite who lives at High Hill said she knew the
deceased.She examined the body when it was brought home. Found no marks upon
it except that on the forehead.There was no money in the pockets- There was
no other evidence and the coroner summed up remarking that there was no
evidence to show how or by
what means deceased got into the river.The jury (composed of the following
individuals W B 0 Jackson,Esq (foreman) Messrs Peter Harrison, Daniel
Briggs, T Kidson, John Lancaster, Joseph Barron, George Postlethwaite,
Joseph Bromley, Jacob Gibson, Thomas Atkinson, Joseph Tolson and Edward
Greenhow) consulted for a short time and returned a verdict of " Found
drowned ". The deceased was 54 years of age.