To the Editor of the Maryport Advertiser.

   Sir, - Ever since Mr. J. DIXON made his statement  to the Trustees on
Wednesday last that it was the wearer of a "flash" overcoat  who had deliberately
smashed the street lamps on Sunday night, and that the  "gentleman" was not
only "tall" but was considerably "elevated" in quite another  way, there has
been general consternation amongst all who possess an overcoat of  any
description (the term "flash" not being very definite), especially, those  who, by any
stretch of the imagination, can be termed "tall"; in fact, sir, from  5 ft 6
in. and upwards, every man and boy is aggrieved and anxious to assure you  that
he is not the offender.

   Now I think, sir, that semi-official statements of  this kind ought
either not be made at all, or they ought to "strike home" and in  the name of those
at whom the finger of suspicion has already been unjustly  pointed, I
indignantly protest against the matter  being allowed to rest in  its present vague
and unsatisfactory state, and I call upon Mr. DIXON to  enlighten the public as
to the identity of the offender, so that he may be  properly punished by fine
or otherwise, for his misdemeanour.

   No consideration as to the social position of the  culprit ought to
interfere with the fulfillment of this public duty, and when  Mr. DIXON knows that
many are now innocently blamed, I feel confident from his  past fearless
public conduct, that he is not the man to shirk carrying a thing  of this kind
through to its legitimate end. - Yours &c.,


   Maryport, March 9th.