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(From Friday's Gazette)

J. F. MULLER, Ludgate-hill, perfumer
R. HUGHES, Liverpool, linen-draper
C. BAKER and J. ALLEN, Bedminster, nurserymen
T. HANCOCK, Manchester, innkeeper
S. S. FLOWER and J. WORSLEY, Wath Mill, Yorkshire
J. C. KNIGHT, Finsbury-place South, druggist
J. BLEZARD, Vauxhall-road, Liverpool, victualler
T. SPENCER, Leeds, patten-maker
H., J, and W. JACKSON, Leeds, tawers
J. ANDREW, Gosberton, Lincolnshire, victualler
M. COLTMAN, Kingston-upon-Hull, master mariner
T. CARDEN, Oxford-street, silk mercer

(From Tuesday's Gazette)

J. P. HILLARY, of the Poultry, wine-merchant
J. SMEE and E. A. SMEE, of Crown-cown, Cheapside,
H. CUTLER, formerly of Symond's-Inn, late of London-
                    Wall, wine-merchant
J. WRIGLEY, of Knowl, in Saddleworth, Yorkshire,
J. REYNOLDS, of Broad-street-hill, drysalter
A. PAOWRIE, of Manchester, milliner
C. L. HARRISON, of Furnival's Inn, Holborn, hotel and
                    tavern keeper
R. L. FISHER, of Compton, Dorsetshire, sail-cloth maker
M. EVANS, of Nottingham, linen-draper
G. MOORE, of Sheffield, scissar-manufacturer
J. MASTERS, sen., and J. MASTER, jun. of Circencester,
A. HART, formerly of Nottingham-place, Commercial-
                    road, Middlesex, and now or late of
                    Whitehaven, draper
J. T. WILDE, of Wath-on-Dearne, Yorkshire, grocer
L. H. SMITH, of Greenwich, wine-merchant.