EMIGRATION. - Several families from the neighbourhood of Penrith left that
place on Wednesday last for Maryport, with the intention of quitting this
country for America.  It appears that the spirit of emigration in the north
is greater at this time than has been the case for several years, and that
many vessels from different ports have recently proceeded from England full
of passengers, with no considerable amount of property, to quit the kingdom
and return no more.

Three or four families from this neighbourhood, Beathwaite Green, are also
on the eve of embarkation for Upper Canada, each carrying out a little
property - arguing not very favourable for the prosperity of this once
flourishing land.

The distress of the peasantry is the first symptom of national decay

"Princes or lords may flourish or may fade,
A breath can make them as a breath has made;
But a bold peasantry, their country's price,
When once destroy'd can never be supplied.