A SCHOOLMASTER, a Member of the Church of England, is wanted for the above
School, which is to be conducted according to the principles of the Madras

Great Musgrave Free School, has been endowed by the late DR. COLLINSON,
Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, and new school-rooms and dwelling-house
for the master have been built, which it is expected will be ready for use
at Midsummer next.

The master's salary will be £40 a-year, with house and garden rent free, and
a few other small perquisites.  He will be permitted to take boarders, and
the house is made to accomodate from twelve to twenty.

He must be able to teach Latin, Greek, and the Mathematics, as well as all
the inferior branches of learning;  and as a Schoolmistress is wanted, it
might be advantageous if the master was a married man, whose wife could take
charge of the girls.

Testimonials of moral character and ability must be transmitted to the REV.
JOHN COLLINSON, Lamesley, near Gateshead, Durham;  and the Candidates are
requested to specify the books they purpose to use in teaching.

Notice will be given of the time and place of election.

N. B. Great Musgrave is within two miles of the market town of Brough, and a
very short distance from the great north road from thence to Appleby.