SINCE OUR LAST, thirteen vessels have arrived from Ireland, one from the
Isle of Mann, twenty coastways. - Sailed, two for the Isle of Mann, seven
coastways;  & the Nymph, ADAMSON (which had been put back, by foul winds)
for Dantzick.

The William, FISHER, of and from this port, passed the Sound the 12th ult.

The Jupiter, FAULDER, of this port, and the Henry, CROOKS, of Maryport, both
from Petersburg, passed the Sound the 16th ult.

The Alice, JACKSON, from Lancaster, is arrived at Cork.

The Sundstwed, HELSIGNORS, from Bordeaux, arrived at Liverpool last week;  a
prize to the Ann and the Brothers.

The Loyal Ann, of Liverpool has sent into Falmouth a fine new sloop from New
York, bound to Havre-de-Grace;  laden with sugar and cotton.

The Nancy, COCKRANE, one of the Jamaica fleet, arrived in Clyde on Saturday
se'ennight.  She parted from the fleet in cloudy weather off the Havannah.

Captain HEAVYSIDES of the Favourite, arrived at Liverpool, left Philadelphia
the 8th ult. and informs that  two or three vessels had been **** out there
as privateers, but were prevented sailing by Congress, who had also stopped
several that had been fitted out for the same purpose at Boston, and were
exerting themselves to hinder all vessels sailing from any of the American
ports, for that purpose.

On Saturday the 24th ult. a fine new vessel was launched from the building
yard of MR. W. WOOD, at Maryport, called the WOODS; the property of MR.
ROBERT HEWIT.  She made a fine launch, in presence of a great number of

The 24th ult. was launched by MR. JOHN BROCKBANK, at Lancaster, a fine new
vessel, called the AURORA;  for MESSRS. THOMAS BURROW & CO.

By a letter from Norway, dated the 14th ult. we are informed, that the
French privateer, True Patriot, of Dunkirk, who has so long infested the
North Seas, is now taken by an English frigate, and sent into Stravanger.