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JOHN VARRALL, Fisherman of Stroud, near Rochester, in the County of Kent,
late Servant to MR. ALEXANDER, of Stroud, was three Years ago grievously
afflicted with a Scorbutic Humour, arising from a violent Surfeit, so as to
render him incapable of following his Business.

The Faculty, whom he was under for Cure a Year and a Half, prounced his Case
to be a rank Leprosy, and could not do him any essential Service.

In this deplorable Situation, his Master, MR. ALEXANDER, advised him to take
MR. SPILBURY's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, of Soho Square, accordingly, he applied
to MR. GILLMAN, Printer, in Rochester, for some of the Medicine;  by which
he found great Benefit, and by persevering in the Use thereof for near
Thirteen Months, he was cured, and has remained free from the Disorder ever
since, to the Astonishment of every one who knew his Situation.

He left off the Medicine last August, and from that Period there has been no
Appearance of the Disorder returning.

Signed JOHN VARRALL, Feb. 26, 1793.

Witness to the above Case,

***MR. SPILSBURY's DROPS, now by the King's Patent, vended as usual in the
new moulded Bottles of  5s. and 1 l. 2s. with large Folio Sheet Bills of
Directions &c., at the general Vendors of Medicine in Great Britain,
Ireland, &c.