In Two Volumes Octavo, Price 12s. in Boards,

SERMONS.  By the late REVEREND JOHN DRYSDALE, D.D.F.R.S. Edin. one of the
Ministers of Edinburgh, one of his Majesty's Chaplains, and Principal Clerk
to the Church of Scotland.

To which is prefixed, an Account of the Author's Life and Character, by
ANDREW DALZEL, M.A.F.R.S. Edin. Professor of Greek, and Secretary and
Librarian in the University of Edinburgh, and Principal Clerk to the Church
of Scotland.

Printed for A. STRAHAN;  T. CADELL, in the Strand, London; and E. BALFOUR,
at Edinburgh.

"We will venture to assure those who estimate the Merit of Sermons by their
Utility, that they will find these Volumes a very valuable Addition to the
public Stock of Instruction.

Though not studiously ornamented with the lighter Decorations of Rhetoric,
they excel in manly Simplicity and Energy of Style;  but their greatest
Praise is, that they abound with good Sense, and breathe a warm Spiri*
******* and Virtue;  many general Topics of Practical Reflection are
discussed with a Variety of Matter which discovers a Mind inured to
Reflection and Observation, and frequently with a Degree of Animation which
leaves the Reader impressed at the same Time that he is instructed;
preserving a happy Medium between insipid Triteness and scholastic
Refinement, they will afford young Preachers a good Pattern for popular
                                        Monthly Review, May 1793.

"The first and fourteenth Sermons, on Charity, and on aspiring after
Perfection, are, in our Estimation, to be placed amongst the most excellent
we have ever read;  nor are many of the rest much inferior."
                                        Critical Review, April 1793.