TO be LET, and Entered upon at Candlemas next, for such Term of Years as Parties can agree, a Messuage and Out Houses, and about One Hundred Acres of very rich Arable, Meadow, & Pasture Land, in the Township of Greysouthen, in the County of Cumberland.  This Farm is well calculated for any Person desirous to undertake the Horse Work at any of the adjoining Collieries.
Also a commodious and well improved compleat Corn and Grazing Farm, situate on NEWLANDS ROW, in the Parish of Bolton.
Also about Two Hundred and Fifty Acres of PASTURE LAND, in the said Parish of Bolton.
Any Person who is desirous to treat  for any of the above Farms, are requested to apply to MR. BENSON, Attorney at Law, at Cockermouth. --  MR. JACOB STAMPER, of Wave Bank; or MR. MARSHAL, at Cockbridge, will shew the Premises at Newlands Row;  and  MR. JOHN HARRIS, the Premises at Greysouthen.


TO be LET, by Private Contract, and Entered upon at Lady Day next, a Farm at
NETHER END, within Two Miles of Whitehaven;  consisting of 60 Acres or
thereabouts, of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land; with Limestone and a
Kiln upon the Premises, for the Use of the Farmer............

Also from 12 to 16 Acres, from another Farm, may be added to it, as Parties
can agree........Upon the Premises is a most excellent Farm House, including
Conveniences of every Kind, and suitable for a much larger Farm.

Also to LET, a large and commodious HOUSE suitable for an INN, situate in
Hamilton's Lane, in Whitehaven;  with, or without, a Ten-stalled Stable. -- 
And a small HOUSE in the same Lane.

JOHN DIXON, the present Farmer, will shew the Premises at Nether End;  and,
for Particulars, apply to JOHN HAMILTON, Esq.



TO be LET by Private Contract, and Entered upon at Lady Day next, a compact
Farm, known by the Name of THREEPTHWAITE and SHERWEN FIELDS, situate in the
Parish of Arlecdon, Three Miles from Whitehaven;  containing about One
Hundred Acres of Land;  One Half, or thereabouts, Tithe-free;  with all
suitable Conveniences for Occupation, and an extensive Right of Common.

For Particular, apply to JOHN HARTLEY, Esq., the Owner, at Whitehaven.