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TO be SOLD, in Public Sale, to the Highest Bidder, at the House of MR. JAMES BLACK, in Longtown, on THURSDAY, the 12th Day of September, 1793.  A modern built Brick DWELLING HOUSE, with a large and good GARDEN, and Out Offices;  pleasantly situate on the Banks of the River Esk, at the West End
of Longtown;  the Property of MRS. JAMES, and at present occupied by her.
The House is commodious, and fit for the Reception of a genteel Family; consisting of a large Cellar under Ground, arched with Stone; a Parlour, Drawing Room, Two Kitchens, and a Pantry, on the Ground Floor;  and above are Six good Lodging Rooms, all in excellent Repair. - Adjoining the House is a good Stable, with Three Stalls, a Byer for Four Cows, and a Hay Loft over all.  In the Yard (which is large and convenient) is an excellent Pump, Coal House, &c. &c.  The Garden is extensive, in high cultivation, and well stocked with a choice Collection of Fruit Trees.
The Premises are held under SIR JAMES GRAHAM, Bart. by Lease for Three Lives or Ninety-Nine Years (Eight only of which are expired) by Payment of the yearly Ground Rent of 1 l. 15s 6d.
If required Part of the Purchase Money may remain on the Premises.  Time of taking Possession, and other Particulars, may be fixed on at the Day of Sale.  -  The Premises may be viewed any Time previous to the Sale.


TO be SOLD, in Public Sale, at MR. JOHN KENDALL's, the Sun, in ULVERSTON,
LANCASHIRE, on THURSDAY, the 19th Day of September, 1793, at Six o'Clock in
the Evening, either all Together or in Parcels, a Compact Freehold and Tithe
Free Estate, called MOORFOOT; situate Two Miles from Dalton, and Five Miles
from Ulverstone aforesaid; consisting of a good new built Dwelling House,
convenient Outhouses, all of Stone, and slated; and about 108 customary
Acres , of 6-1/2 Yards to the ********* ******** ******* ******
into ******** ******eble Inclosures having Marle of a good Quality in each,
which has been Lately spread on several Parts thereof, and produced abundant
Crops of Grain.

The said Estate is Let for Nine Years to come, at the clear Yearly Rent of
97 l. subject only to the Payment of a small Yearly Free Rent.

MR. EDWARD BUTCHER, the Farmer, will shew the Premises, and further
Particulars may be had of Messrs. ROBINSON and SHAW, Attorneys in Ulverstone



TO be SOLD, in Public Sale, on MONDAY Evening, the 9th of September, 1793,
at the House of ISAAC MANDELL, Innholder, at Ouze Bridge, near Cockermouth
in Cumberland; a very compact and desirable Freehold Estate, containing (by
Admeasurement) Forty-Four Acres, or thereabouts; situate at BEWALDETH, in
the Parish of Torpenhow, in the said County, the Property of STEPHEN GRAVE.

The Estate adjoins a very valuable Commons, upon which the Owner thereof has
an extensive Right.

There is also some OAK WOOD upon the Premises, of about Twenty Years Growth,
of considerable Value.

^ ^ ^ MR. STEPHEN GRAVE, of Bewaldeth aforesaid, the Owner, will shew the
Premises;  and further Particulars may be had, by applying to him, or to MR.
FISHER, Attorney, Cockermouth.


TO be SOLD, in Public Sale, upon the Premises, on FRIDAY, the 27th Day of
September, 1793 (if not then Sold, to be put up to be Let to Farm) and
Entered upon at Martinmas first, or as Parties may agree, all that large
commodious and well accustomed INN, situate at ALLONBY aforesaid, (and much
reported to in the Summer Season by Numbers of genteel People) consisting of
three Parlours, a Bar, a very extensive Kitchen well fitted up, with two
Cellars underneath the same;  Also a Large Dining Room, an excellent Drawing
Room, and Twelve Lodging Rooms, many of them large, with good Garrets above
the same.

Together with two well built Stables, with Hay Lofts and Granary above the
same;  also a good Barn, a Coach House, a Wash House, a large Back Yard,
with a good Lead Pump in it, and two well constructed B**hing Machines.

All which said Premises are Freehold, and are covered with Blue Slate, and
in excellent Repair and Condition.  There is an excellent Stream of soft
Water running close past the Front of the House.

Particulars may be had by applying to MRS. YOUNGHUSBAND, the Owner, who
occupies the same and intends to continue the Business till a Purchaser, or
Farmer, enter.

N.B. Either Purchaser, or Farmer, may be accomodated with all, or any Part
of the Furniture, at a fair Valuation.  A considerable Part of the Purchase
Money may rest upon the Premises, at reasonable Interest.




TO BE premptorily SOLD, in Public Sale on SATURDAY the 7th Day of September,
1793, at the Sign of the White Swan, in English-street, Carlisle, a CLOSE of
Freehold Ground, lying on Carlisle Common, near to the Head of Newtown;
containing upwards of Six Acres, now in the Possession of MR. ISAAC HOLMES,
heretofore Let for Seven Guineas per Annum Rent.

MR. ISAAC HOLMES will shew the Premises; and further Particulars to be had


TO BE SOLD by Public Auction, either Together or in Lots, on THURSDAY the
26th Day of September, 1793, at the House of SAMUEL NORMAN, Innkeeper, in
Keswick, a Freehold MESSUAGE of Tenement, situate near the Market-place in
KESWICK aforesaid;  consisting of Two Dwelling Houses in Front, and Eight
back yards with Two Stables, a Garden, and other Conveniences; all well
built, and in good Repair, and now in the Occupation of MR. PETER
CROSTHWAITE, Tanner, MR. DAVISON, Officer in Excise, and Others.

The Sale will begin at Six o'Clock in the Evening, when Conditions will be
produced; and for Particulars, in the mean Time, apply to MR. LIGHTFOOT,
Keswick, or MR. JOSEPH DOVER, Manufacturer, at Dale Bottom, near Keswick.

The Farmers will shew the Houses.

Wigton, Aug 28, 1793.

TO be SOLD, by Private Contract, the STOCK in TRADE of MR. THOMAS BUSHBY,
consisting of MERCERY & DRAPERY Goods, calculated for the Trade of this
Place, and remarkably clear of old or unsalable Goods.

There is a very respectable Trade at present carried on, and a well fitted
up, spacious Shop, in a good Situation.  The Shop and Dwelling Part of the
Premises, which  are elegantly fitted up, for the Reception of a Family,
will be either LET or SOLD, as Parties can agree.

Application may be made to MR. BUSHBY of Wigton aforesaid.