At the Town Hall, Carlisle, on Monday, THOMAS ELLIOTT was charged with
stealing a bicycle from JOHN ROBINSON, West Tower Street, on the 2nd inst.,
and also being the bailee of eight watches and three alberts, the value of
£8 5s, from DOUGLAS JOHNSTONE, and of fraudulently converting the same to
his own use, between the 26th ult., and 11th inst.

On the 3rd inst. ELLIOTT, as reported in our last issue, hired a bicycle
from MR. ROBINSON and failed to return it.  He was arrested with the bicycle
in his possession at Dumfries.  He was before the Bench last Monday, but was
remanded to allow other charges to be made against him.  MR. EDWARDS

DOUGLAS JOHNSTONE, jeweller, Botchergate said prisoner called on him on
February 21st, and told him that he (ELLIOT) was a traveller for a firm of
seed merchants of Edinburgh, and also did business with Benson's of London,
and a Newcastle firm, and added that as he went about the country, he had an
opportunity of disposing of watches, etc., especially to gardeners.  On the
strength of those representations, he was induced to let prisoner have two
metal watches on the 20th February, for the sale of which prisoner was to
receive commission.  Prisoner called again on Saturday morning, the 26th,
and got two more watches (silver ones).  ELLIOTT said he had customers for
them at Dumfries.  Some days after, he received a letter from ELIOTT,
written from Lochmaben, saying he had left a lady's watch, and asking for
some more watches, and a silver chain or two.  He sent three metal watches,
one silver one, and three silver chains, and afterwards he received a
telegram acknowledging the receipt of them.  He also received another
letter, in which ELLIOT stated that he had sold a metal watch.  Still
another letter came, and on receipt of this he became suspicious.  Prisoner
called on him several times before he let him have any goods.

MICHAEL HENRY ROURKE, pawnbroker, Fisher Street, said that on the 26th
Frebruary, prisoner came to his shop and offered a silver Geneva watch in
pledge.  He said it was his own watch, and gave the name of T. ELLIS.
Witness advanced 8s 6d.

ROBERT JAMES SPENCER, salesman to Messrs. CORRY and Co., pawnbrokers, Fisher
Street, said that prisoner called at their shop on the 26th ult., and
offered a lady's watch in pledge.  He asked 12s 6d for it, and said it
belonged to his wife.  He gave the name of T. ELLIS.  Witness advanced 10s.

JOHN LITTLE SHIELDS, pawnbroker, Water Street, said that prisoner came to
his shop on the 28th ult., and offered a metal watch and chain.  He said he
would redeem them in a few days, and gave the name of ELLIS ELLIOT.  Witness
advanced 12s.

MAGGIE O'LEARY, pawnbroker's assistant, Dumfries, said ELLIOT came into
their office on the 10th of March, and got 5s for a metal watch.  He gave
the name of THOMAS ELLIS, Lochmaben.

Inspector JARDINE, Dumfries, said he arrested prisoner in a public house at
Dumfries onn the 10th inst.  He took him into custody, and found on him
three watches, four pawn tickets, an invoice, and a letter.  When charged,
prisoner said it was a shame he should be charged when trying to carry on a
legitimate business.  He handed him over next morning to Detective

Detectives BLACK and PATTINSON deposed to recovering the stolen goods.  In
reply to Detective PATTINSON, when he charged him, ELLIOT said "I plead
guilty to one charge, but I cannot plead guilty to stealing the bicycle."

The bicycle case was then gone into.

MAGGIE O'LEARY said prisoner came to their shop, and asked her to take the
bicycle into pledge.  She said she must see the receipt before she would do
so, but he said he had bought it from a friend, and had had it for two
years, and had never got a receipt.

The prisoner was committed for trial to the next Sessions.