A match between seven members of the Alston Union Club and seven persons
from Nenthead village,having been arranged, it was played at Alston on
Friday night last, and resulted in a win for the home team.  This is the
third time they have met, and on each occasion the Alston team have been
victorious.  We understand that the Nenthead team have been practising a
good deal during the past winter, having had a draught league with a view,
undoubtedly, of turning the scales at the next time of meeting.

There is an old saying that practice makes perfect, and should the Nenthead
team keep going on, possibly they may combat with their opponents more
successfully in the future.

After the match supper was provided by the Alston team, and on the motion
MR. FERNAU, seconded by MR. T. LATTIMER, the best thanks of the Nenthead
friends was accorded to the Alston team for the manner in which they had
been entertained.  The following are the scores, each playing three games...

ALSTON.                W'n                D'w

W. LEE                    1                    0
R. NIXON                 2                   1/2
J. BRAMWELL           2                    0
G. DICKINSON         2                    1/2
J. BOWMAN             1                    0
T. M. SUMMERS       2                    0
H. HALL                  2                    0

NENTHEAD            W'n                D'w

C. J. FERNAU         2                    0
T. LATTIMER         0                  1/2
W. SINCLAIR         1                   0
DR. SHORT           0                  1/2
F. RICHARDSON     2                   0
B. PHILLIPSON       1                   0
W. MOORE            2                   0


LENTEN SERVICE. - The preacher at St. Augustine's Church on Thursday night
was CANON RICHMOND, M.A., Carlisle.

INDEPENDENT ORDER OF MECHANICS. - From the balance sheet of the Alston
branch of the above, which has just been published, it appears that the
funds are in a flourishing condition.  The sick fund at the end of the year
was £227  14s  7d.  The membershiip stands at present at 66.

MARCH FAIR was held on Saturday last.  The supply of cattle was only small,
but what was there was good in quality.  Calves sold for from £4 to £6,
one-year-olds £6 to £9,  two-year-olds £10 to £13.  There was a good demand
for heifers, but bullocks were slow to sell.  The trade in sheep was very
 and slow, whilst little business was done in horses, though several good
animals were shown.

DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION.  Of the fourteen candidates nominated for the
Alston Ward, three have withdrawn, viz.  Messrs. J. GREY,  T. SPARK,  and
R. ELLIOT.  This leaves eleven contestants for the eight seats as follows:

Messrs           T. BRAMWELL
                      J. DIXON
                      H. DOWSON
                      J. MILLICAN
                      J. NEVIN
                      J. J. SHIELD
                                                              G. W. STOREY
                                                              W. THOMPSON
                                                               J. R. WALTON
                                                               REV. W. A.
                      MRS. CORE

The poll takes place on Saturday, April 2nd.


A special sessions was held on Monday before the REV. DR. RUTHERFORD
(chairman), and JNO. MILLICAN, Esq.   WM. STEPHENS, 29, carpenter, of no
fixed abode, and THOMAS SNAITH, 51, labourer, of no fixed abode, were
charged with begging in Alston on the 20th inst.,  P. C. PARKER proved the
case.  They both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 21 days imprisonment
with hard labour.

WESLEYAN BAND OF HOPE. - The monthly meeting of the above was held in the
schoolroom on Monday night, a good company being present.  MR. JNO. EDGAR,
Rice Head, presided in his usual genial manner, and a very earnest address
was given by MR. T. G. GOLIGHTLY of Nentsbury.  The programme was as

Chorus, "Children all for temperance,"  Girls' choir; recitation, "Hodge and
the parson," MR. T. SMITH; reading, MR. WM. SCOTT; chorus "Assam pekoe",
Choir; address MR. GOLIGHTLY; song, "The wanderer's return," MR. ISAAC
VARTY;  dialogue, "How to cure a drunken husband;  chorus "Who claims the
children," Choir.  The dialogue "How to cure a drunken husband," was very
kindly supplied by three young men and three young women from the Primitive
Band of Hope.

WESLEYAN CHAPEL. - On Tuesday, March 22nd, the quarterly meeting of the
above circuit was held.  The local preachers met at 3-30, the REV. H.
STEPHENSON presided.  Kindly references were made to the death of MR. JOSEPH
ASLIN (the son of a former Wesleyan minister), of Slaggyford.  He was an
earnest Christian, and a devoted local preacher.  MR. J. G. JACKSON, of
Nest, having submitted himself for examination, was accepted as an
accredited local preacher.
    The members of the circuit meeting met at 5 o'clock, the REV. E. CRUMP
presided, and there was a fair attendance.  MR. HUGH BELL was elected
circuit steward.  The financial statement was presented by MR. LATTIMER, and
showed an income of £58 10s 1-1/2d, and an expenditure of £65 3s 6d. leaving
a deficiency on the quarter of £6 13s 4-1/2d, and a net deficiency upon the
Circuit Board of £17 8s 7-1/2d.
    The REV. EDWARD CRUMP presented the report of membership, which showed a
full membership of 372, being an increase of 5 on the quarter and of 15 on
the year.
    The missionary report showed an income of £58 7s 6d for the year, being
an increase of £11 18s 6d upon the previous year.

The Sunday School report was presented, and showed a fairly general

    MR. J. G. LEE presented his report of temperance work, and by resolution
the meeting pledged itself to increased activity in relation thereto.

    MR. CHARLES BRAMWELL, Alston, was re-elected assistant missionary

It was announced that the REV. W. WALTER WATSON, Canning Town, London, had
accepted an invitation to succeed the REV. E. CRUMP at the ensuing
conference.  A hearty and unanimous invitation was given to the REV. H.
STEPHENSON to remain in the circuit for a second year.  The invitation was

MR. M. TINDLE presented a report of the Worn Out Ministers' Fund,, which was

Plans for the erection of a new chapel at Slaggyford were submitted and

Both stewards promised to attend the District Synod, and MR. LEE ROBSON was
appointed representative, or failing him, MR. ADAMSON PICKERING, Garrigill.