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C   A   R   L   I   S   L   E

Bill Posters and Distributors.
M. DONNELLY & SON, 10, Lowther Street.

Builders and Contractors.
JAMES HEWITT, Joiner and Undertaker, South St.
JAMES LITTLE, Joiner and Undertaker, Caldewgate

Coach Builders.
ATKINSON and DAVIDSON, Castle Street
J. MACDONALD, Peter Street

Cycle Agents.
DIAS & Co., Border Wheeleries, Market Street, Carlisle.
    Cycle Manufacturers and Agents.

Dyers and Cleaners.
BROWN & SON, 16 Bank Street, and 17 & 19 Devonshire Walk

PROUDFOOT & Co., Lowther Street and New Market

Hatters and Hosiers.
JAS. JOHNSTON, top of Botchergate, opposite Station

House and Estate Agent.
A. W. JOHNSTON, 27a English Street

Joiners & Cabinet Makers.
W. & H. DAVIDSON, Contractors and Cabinetmakers, Corporation Road
W. DONALDSON, 14 & 16 Abbey Street, and Smith's Court, Abbey Street
JOSEPH FORSTER, Contractor, Funerals Furnished, Albert Square, Blackfriars
WM. LITTLE, Joiner, Cabinet Maker, and Undertaker, Blackfriars Street
J. LITTLE, Joiner and Undertaker, 36 Bridge Street, Caldewgate

J. MONK, Viaduct Buildings, Charlotte Street

Plumber and Gas Fitter.
T. HARRIS & CO., Electricians, Plumbers, Gasfitters, etc.,
    Workshop, Lowthian's Lane, English Street

Tailors & Clothiers.
W. J. SCOTT, General Draper, 36 West Tower Street
WILLIAM STRONG, 4 New Market Arcade

Slater and Slate Merchant.
JOHN HEWITSON, St. Nicholas Street, Carlisle, and Leazes Park Road,
    Newcastle-on-Tyne,  National Telephone 1348

Saddle and Harness Makers.
WM. DAND, Saddle, Harness, Horse Clothing & Trunk Manufacturer,
    3 Botchergate, opposite Station.
H   A   L   T   W   H   I   S   T   L   E

Boot, Shoe, and Clog Manufacturers.
JACK BELL, Westgate


S. A. LEE, Dressmaker, South View, Haltwhistle

Fruiterers and Seedsmen.
J. LEAKE, Eden's Lawn Nurseries

Grocer and General Merchant.
J. ASKEW, Golden Square.  Provisions a Speciality

Hairdresser and Tobacconist.
JAMES YOUNG, Main Street, next door to Post Office

Insurance - Fire, Life, and Marine.
Apply for Prospectus to R. W. ELLIOTT, Agent

Joiners, Cabinetmakers, &c.
J. DICKINSON & CO., Joiners, Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers, and
    Undertakers, Central Place

Seed and Manure Merchants.
FIDLER & SON, Westgate

Watchmakers and Jewellers.
W. CRAIG, Silversmith, Optician, &c., Market Place