The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Monday.  MR. WILSON took the
chair on the motion of MR. PATTINSON,  MR. COWEN being unable to attend
through indisposition.   MR. T. H. HODGSON was also absent through illness.


MR. PATTINSON according to notice, moved that the minute passed on September
28th, 1891, and which included measles among the diseases notifiable under
the Infectious Diseases (Notification) Act, 1889, be rescinded, and the
necessary steps taken with that object -  MR. TEASDALE seconded, and it was
unanimously agreed to.


The Health and Water Committee recommended that this matter stand over till
the committee appointed by the Local Government Board to consider the
bacteriological treatment of sewage had reported. - MR. PATTINSON suggested
that meanwhile trapped gullies might be put in in place of the present
ones. - MR. NICHOLSON said there was an objection, that the sewers would
have to be deepened if trapped gullies were put in. - MR. PATTERSON:  MR.
LITTLE and MR. JOHNSON are both of the opinion that trapped gullies can be
put in. - Ultimately, he agreed that the matter be referred back to the


From the minutes of the Health and Water Committee, it appeared that the
Inspector had presented plan and estimate of a new sewer from the Vicarage
to Dalston, about 500 yards long, to cost £95, and that the matter was
postponed. - MR. PATTINSON inquired if the Inspector did not think it
necessary to sewer the whole village.  From what he had seen of Dalston and
heard people say, it was fearfully dirty, and the smell was abominable. -
The CHAIRMAN thought MR. PATTINSON was going too fast.  They were going to
have the place done by instalments, and it would all be done in a short
time.  Meanwhile, they left the matter over for the new Council.


The CLERK referred to the question of a water supply to Currock House, and
suggested that notice be served on the owner to provide a supply which might
be got from the city mains. - MR. NICHOLSON said there was only one
objection.  The house was in the parish of St. Cuthbert's Without, and
unless they came to some arrangement there might be litigation with the
Corporation.  To accept the town supply as a sufficient supply to Currock
House might to some extent tie their hands.  He would suggest that the
matter be referred back to the committee with power to serve the necessary
notices if desirable. - This was carried by a large majority.


The MEDICAL OFFICER reported 5 cases of infectious disease during the month,
all scarlet fever.  He also wished to call the attention of the Council to a
nuisance in a field near Belle Vue arising from the deposit of slaughter
house refuse from the city.  There were several dwelling houses near. - The
INSPECTOR said he went to see the place after it was cleared out.  The man
had gone into the town to live.  He pointed out some small matters that
required doing to the man's father. - MR. TYSON said the nuisance had been a
bad one for two years. - The MEDICAL OFFICER intimated that the nuisance
could hardly have been cleared away, he had seen it only the day before. -
It was agreed that the Inspector serve notice on the owner to remove the
nuisance within 7 days.


The CHAIRMAN said that the proposal made by MR. R. S. FERGUSON at the last
meeting of the County Council, that steps should be taken to print the
enclosure awards, was one he had before his mind for many years.  He thought
they might assure the County Council of their cordial support.  He did not
know whether it was wise to make a formal resolution or to content himself
with simply calling attention to the matter. -  However, he would move "That
this Council welcomes the proposal to print the enclosure awards, and
assures the County Council that this printing will be of great service to
subordinate bodies entrusted with the management of local affairs." - MR.
PATTINSON seconded, and the motion was carried.


MR. T. BELL was re-appointed Surveyor of Highways for a year on the same
terms as before.
- On the motion of MR. PATTINSON, it was agreed that a member and the Clerk
be sent to the Autumn congress of the Sanitary Institute in Birmingham.  MR.
PATTINSON suggested that MR. WILSON should go, and he might be able to bring
MOSES up-to-date on sanitary matters.  MOSE's system was cheaper and better
and more efficient than the ordinary one.  He hoped MR. WILSON would
consider the matter;  he would find it interesting reading [ Laughter ].
The Medical Officer ought to be the person to go instead of the Clerk. - The
Clerk said he quite agreed with that, but he did not know whether the
Council could legally send the Medical Officer. - It appeared that the
Health and Water Committee recommended the Council to authorise the Clerk to
obtain the sanction of the Local Government Board to extend the building
bye-laws to the whole union. - MR. NICHOLSON, in reply to MR. PATTINSON,
said the bye-laws were not to be adopted in the restricted way proposed by
MR. T. H. HODGSON, but they were to be extended as they stood.
- The CLERK stated in answer to MR. PATTINSON, that MR. ROGERSON had not
sent in his account re Cotehill Water Supply.  He was in London, but
expected to be back in the city by the end of the month.
- A tender from MR. T. SCOTT to put up 30 yards of brick wall at Gosling
Beck inlet for £12  14s  was accepted.
- The SURVEYOR presented estimates for bridges at Durdar and Millbeck Fords,
the amounts being  £162  and  £172 respectively.  The estimates were
adopted, and the County Council will be asked to contribute half the cost.
- An estimate from MR. JOHN LITTLE of the cost of extending the 3-in. main
from Wetheral Pasture to Wetheral Shields, amounting to £185  7s was
- MR. BRISCO gave notice of two resolutions for next meeting, one that the
Council appoint an engineer, the other that the Medical Officer and Sanitary
Inspector inspect and report on all dairies and cow sheds under the
jurisdiction of the authority.

- At the close of the meeting, which lasted only about an hour, MR.
PATTINSON proposed a vote of thanks to MR. WILSON for his able conduct in
the chair.  They had had an impartial Chairman, and he hoped it would not be
the last time MR. WILSON would act in that capacity.  -  The motion carried,
and MR. WILSON in reply, said that while he expected to come back to the new
Council, he did not desire to occupy the chair.