Services in connection with the above school were held on Sunday.  MR. COUSIN had been expected to conduct them, but unfortunately broke down at Ambleside.
The preacher in the morning was the pastor, the REV. W. H. MILWARD, and in the evening MR. W. GRAHAM.  Both services were very well attended.
On Monday a public meeting was held.  Mr. JOSEPH RICHARDSON, who was introduced by the REV. W. H. MILLWARD, occupied the chair.  Addresses were given by MR. WARD,  MR. R. HASTEWELL,  and  MR. W. GRAHAM. 
A coffee supper was afterwards provided by the scholars of the senior scholars' class.  The tables were presided over by MISS WARD  and  MISS EVA RUDDICK,  MISS DICKINSON  and  MISS H. BRIGHT,  MISS K. GRAHAM  and  MISS LITTLE,  MISS AMY DINNING,  MISS JOHNSTON  and  MISS BELL.  MRS. BUSHBY  and  MRS. HUNTER assisted.
Collections were taken at the services, and with the proceeds of the supper realised £7  3s in aid of the Sunday School Fund.
The Council of the Carlisle and District Band of Hope Union have decided to hold their annual demonstration in Morton Park this year on Whit Monday.