The Peace Of  Briery Broken

Joseph Birkett, bobbin turner, Briery Cottages was summoned by Edmund
Robinson, tailor of the same place for an assault committed on 29th August
Defendant said he was sorry to say he hit the complainant, but he had given
the first offence. The prosecutor said that on Tuesday 29th August he went
into his garden to gather some marigolds but when he got there he found
flowers had been taken. One of the neighbours told him that Mrs Birkett had
taken them on Sunday previous. Witness then went to defendants house and
there saw his daughter who told him that her father claimed the garden and
all that was in it. The only thing in the garden belonging to the defendant
was some cabbage and witness told him to remove it. Witness afterwards saw
the  defendant who said witness had no right in the garden and if he went in
he would get his lights punched out. Witness said he should go into the
garden and went there where upon the defendant got hold of witness by the
collar, tore his shirt down the back and struck him a severe blow which
rendered him insensible. The defendant then kicked witness and struck him
between the eyes .He was unable to work for two days After some immaterial
questions the defendant said the garden belonged to the complainants house
but there was some cabbage in belonging to him which were just beginning to
be ready and he told the complainant he could get one or two when he liked
if he would let them remain . The case was adjourned until Saturday for the
complainant to bring witness.