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    ROYAL CALEDONIAN HUNT AND WESTERN MEETING. -- Nominations for the Ayr Gold Cup: -- Whistle Binkie, 4 yrs; the Shadow, aged;  Moss-trooper, 4 yrs; Benbow, 3 yrs; Jock, 6 yrs; Blue Bonnet, 4 yrs; Bellona, aged; Pompey, 3 yrs; Aristides, 3 yrs; Pharold, 4 yrs; Philip, 3 yrs; Agreeable Colt, 4 yrs; and the Recorder, aged. -- Nominations for the Two-Year-Old Stakes: -- Sir J. BOSWELL'S b.f. by Bay Middleton, out of General Chasse's dam; J. BOSWELL na. b.f. by Vestment, out of Lady Lowman;  Mr. MEIKLAM'S Geneva, by Voltaire, out of Margaretta;  Mr. MERRY'S br.f. Prudence, by Muley Moloch -- Florentia;  Lord EGLINGTON'S b.c. the Leech, by Physician -- Octavia;  Lord EGLINGTON'S ch. c. Amyntor, by Phoenix, out of Abraham Newland's dam; and Mr. W.R. RAMSAY'S b.f. Myrtle, by Vestment, out of Magdalene.