MAGISTRATE'S OFFICE, COURTS, CARLISLE, AUG., 19. -- Present:  W. WILDE, and W. HODGSON, Esq. -- JOHN HODSON, of Tarraby, appeared to answer a charge of assault preferred against him by JOHN HOGG, farm labourer, in his employ.  From the evidence it appeared that an improper intimacy existed between the defendant and the sister of the complainant, who was also a servant of the defendant, and the suspicions of HOGG being roused, he watched HODGSON to the girl's bed-room.  He immediately informed the defendant's wife of the fact, insisted upon his sister returning home, and went into a neighbour's house to announce his discovery.  Thither he was followed by the defendant, who assaulted him for having raised "a piece of work."  The magistrates convicted the defendant, and ordered him to pay a fine of 20s. and costs.