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-- In former reports, her Majesty's commissioners for building new churches have stated, that 293 churches had been completed, in which accommodation had been provided for 362, 595 persons, including 200,798 free seats, appropriated to the use of the poor.  In their last report, just published, they state, that twenty churches have since, by the aid of grants from the fund placed at their disposal, been completed.  In these twenty churches accommodation has been provided for 17,067 persons, including 8,525 free seats, for the use of the poor.  Thus in the whole 316 churches have now been completed, and provision has therein been made for 379,662 persons, including 209,323 free seats, appropriated to the use of the poor.  Thirteen other churches are also in the course of building, to the erection of which her Majesty's commissioners have contributed pecuniary aid from the funds placed at their disposal.