By Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent
THOMAS CORBETT, Successor to the late Mr. JOHN HUTTON, WHITESMITH, BELL-HANGER, &c., 56, Lowther Street, CARLISLE, respectfully presents his grateful acknowledgments for the very liberal support with which he has been favoured since his commencement in the above line of business, and earnestly entreats public attention to the Three following highly desirable Instruments of Improvement, and for which he is SOLE AGENT in this district, viz.: --
~ DAY'S PATENT WIND GUARD, for Ventilating and Curing Smokey Chimneys, &c., upon the principle of the Archimedean Screw, effected by Spontaneous Action; it prevents Down Currents, and is free from Noise, as all its parts are fixtures; it is not liable to go wrong, and is no impediment to sweeping.  The attention of Architects, Builders, &c., is especially invited.
~ CARSON'S PATENT INSTRUMENT FOR SALTING AND CURING MEAT. -- Hams, Fish, Fowl, or any kind of meat. Cures Meat by a Pressure, varying from 500 to 2,00 lb. upon the square inch. which Cures the Inside of the Meat as well as the Out, with a great degree of less Saltiness, extracts the Foul Gas which forms in all Animals when dead, and makes it more agreeable to taste and more wholesome.
Also, AGENT for PERKINS'S PATENT RIGHT and LEFT SCREW JOINT CAST IRON PIPES, admirably adapted to all the useful Applications of common Cast Iron Pipes, and more particularly to Hot Water Apparatus, Steam, &c.
Ironmongers and others in the Trade in this County or elsewhere, can be Sub-Agents by applying to T. C., who will feel very happy in exhibiting to any person Drawings of the above.
       56, Lowther Street, Carlisle,
                    August 18, 1843.