THE DIRECTORS hereby give Notice, That they are ready to receive TENDERS for the following Articles, to be delivered during the space of Four Months, in such Quantities as may be required, free of Expense, at the Company's Storehouse, Newcastle Station: --
Best English Iron in Bars, Bolts, Boiler Plates and Sheets, Common Iron for Furnace Bars, Cast Iron Wheels and Railway Chairs, Brass Tubes for Engines, Brass Castings, American White Oak, Red and Yellow Pine Timber, Redwood Memel Deals and Crown Timber, Norway Battens, Scotch and Larch Timber, averaging Eight Feet per Tree, Oak Pins for Railway Chairs, 1st Sort Petersburg Yellow Candle Tallow, Patent Grease, Dipt Tallow Candles, Gillipoli, Refined Rape, Northern Fish, and Linseed Oils, Turpentine, and Cotton Waste.
Payment will be made by Bill at Three Months, (or in Cash, deducting Discount,) for the Quantity delivered during each Two Months, as soon as the Accounts are passed. -- Tenders to be sent to the Company's Office, Forth, Newcastle, on or before Twelve o'clock on Tuesday the 29th inst.
Further Particulars and proper Forms for the Tenders, may be had by applying at the Railway Office, Forth, Newcastle; or to Mr. GREENE, at the Railway Station, London Road, Carlisle; or by Letter, Prepaid, after Wednesday, 23rd Instant. -- By Order,
                                JOHN ADAMSON,  Clerk to the Company.
        Forth, Newcastle, August 16th, 1843.