A FACT. -- A manufacturer of this town, residing within a thousand yard of Hounds-gate, who attended the League meeting on Monday evening with his son, an intelligent youth, inquired of him what he thought of the argument adduced by the different speakers, to which his son appeared to have paid attention.  "Why, father, replied he, "I consider it altogether 'a treacle and bread' affair, for those two articles, with sugar, are all they appear to talk about; for my part, I prefer the bread with butter, and I think, under the present system, we have not much to grumble about having buttered our bread pretty well."  "Tut tut," said the wary father, "we must lay our shoulders to the wall to agitate this matter, to distract the attention of our workmen from the real cause of present low wages, and then depend upon it, my boy, we shall 'butter our bread on both sides,'" -- Nottingham Journal.