AN AMUSING ANECDOTE OF THE QUEEN. -- It is stated that on one occasion, when on a visit to Wentworth House, the royal party were perambulating the ground, when, being in advance of the rest, the Princess Victoria was respectfully cautioned by an under-gardener not to go down a certain walk, as the rain had made the ground "slape."  "Slape! slape!" retorted the princess with the characteristic rapidity and inquisitiveness of her illustrious grandfather, George III.;  "and pray what is slape?"  "Very slippery, miss -- your royal highness -- ma'am!" replied the worthy man.  "Oh! that's all," she rejoined:  "thank you!" and, as she proceeded, resolved to try this "slape" ground against which she had been cautioned.  But she had not proceeded far when the gardener's predictions were realised, and down she fell.  "There!" shouted the noble owner of the grounds, who had observed all that had passed from a short distance, and who, on perceiving that no injury was done to his royal and young guest, laughed most heartily; "now your royal highness has received an explanation of the term 'slap,' both theoretically and practically!"  "Yes, my lord," rejoined the good-humoured Victoria,  "I think I have.  I shall never forget the word 'slap!'"  -- From Frazer's Magazine.