IRISH DRINKING CUSTOMS SIXTY YEARS AGO. -- If on any occasion a guest left the room, bits of paper were dropped into his glass, intimating the number of rounds the bottle had gone; and on his return he was obliged to swallow a glass for each, under the penalty of so many glasses of salt and water.  It was the practice of some to have decanters with round bottoms, like a modern soda water bottle, the only contrivance in which they could stand being at the head of the table, before the host, stopping the bottle was thus rendered impossible, and every one was obliged to fill his glass at once, and pass the bottle to his neighbour, on peril of upsetting the contents on the table.  A still more common practice was, to knock the stems off the glasses with a knife, so that they must be emptied as fast as they were filled, as they could not stand.  Such orgies were not occasional, but often continued every night, all night long.  A usual exhortation from a father to his son was, "make you head, boy, while you're young." -- Dublin University Mag.