Carlisle, January 2, 1844.
    Some unimportant parochial business was then disposed off, and after a short interval the Grand Jury found true bills against the following prisoners, who were arraigned and put upon their trial accordingly: --
    Mary MACCABE,  aged 30, was charged with stealing in November last, some pieces of striped calico and other articles, the property of Richard COTTER of Whitehaven.
    Mr. RAMSHAY appeared for the prosecution and called:
     Hannah COTTER who said, "my husband Richard COTTER keeps a public house at Whitehaven.  On the 20th November last I bought a quarter of a stone of soft sugar, and three pounds of soap, I put them in the cupboard in our house near the bar on the ground floor; this was about six o'clock; I went to the cupboard about nice, and the articles were then gone; I searched for them but could not find them.  I missed also a woollen waistcoat, two pieces of striped cotton and a piece of brown linen, I saw those articles also at six o'clock in an adjoining cupboard about half-a-dozen yards from the other; both cupboards are in the lobby; I did not see the articles in them when I looked for them about nine o'clock;  I sent for the police when I missed them.  The policeman (John SUART) brought back the things in about half an hour; the prisoner had been at my house that evening; she came about six, and left about nine o'clock; I did not see her leave; she had been sitting in the back parlour, and when I missed the things I went there, but she was gone; any person coming into or out of our house would pass this cupboard, and might have had access to it.  One of the cupboards was usually locked, but the one containing the clothing was generally open.  It was not locked that evening; I cannot say whether the other was or not; it was locked when I put the sugar in; I locked it then; the door was lying off its hinges when I found it at nine o'clock."
    James WEEKS -- "I was going into Mrs. COTTER'S house in the evening of the 20th of November, between nine and ten o'clock.  I met the prisoner coming out; she was coming down the lobby; she had a bundle under her clothes, but I could not see what it was.  It was under her gown in front.  There was a little boy with her."
    John SUART -- "I am a constable, I was sent for to Mrs COTTER'S, on the 20th of November.  I then went to the prisoner's house between ten and eleven.  I found a piece of striped cotton under the bed head, and another piece under the bed foot, and some soap and a piece of glazed calico in an old box, and also some sugar and a waistcoat.  I took the articles in charge, and went in search of the prisoner, and charged her with stealing the goods of Mr. COTTER; she denied it; she afterwards asked for Mr. COTTER by the name of JACKSON, which was her former name, and said she would pay for the goods, that her hunger and poverty were had to bide.  As I was fetching her to Carlisle the next day, she said she took the goods, and that her husband had been out of work fourteen weeks; and she desired me to tell the magistrates so."
    The statement of the prisoner before the magistrates was then put in and read.  It admitted taking the things which the prisoner said she found in a bundle.
    Hannah COTTER recalled -- Identified the articles produced as her property.
    The prisoner said, she found the goods, and did not steal them; she called no witnesses.
    The jury after hearing the Chairman, found the prisoner Guilty.
    Sentence:  Three calendar months' imprisonment.