Carlisle, January 2, 1844.
    Mary BELL (aged 45) was indicted for having stolen a shawl, the property of Messrs. RELPH, of Carlisle, in November last.
    Mr. RAMSHAY conducted the prosecution, and called:
    Mary CARTNER -- I live at Houghton Town End;  I was in Carlisle on the 18th November last, between eleven and twelve o'clock;  I passed the shop of Messrs RELPH;  I saw a woman take a shawl from the side of the counter and put in under her shawl;  the prisoner is the woman.  I went into the shop and mentioned it to Mr. RELPH;  he apprehended the prisoner, and took a blue shawl from her, which I had seen her conceal.
    Henry RELPH -- I am in business with my brother George.  On the 18th November the prisoner was at my shop about twelve o'clock, the last witness came in and said something to me;  in consequence I went to the prisoner who was standing with another person near the door, and asked what they wanted; the person with the prisoner asked to look at some muffs for the neck;  I sold them one;  when they were going out, from what Mary CARTNER had told me I jumped over the counter and seized the prisoner;  I charged her with having something under her shawl she should not have, and I lifted her shawl and took the blue one I produce from under it;  she then said she did not intend to take it.  The blue shawl is the property of myself and my brother.
    The Jury, after hearing the Chairman, immediately found the prisoner guilty but recommended her to mercy, -- in which recommendation Mr. RELPH joined on account of her large family.
    Sentence:  To be imprisoned with hard labour for one calendar month.