DISEASE OF CATTLE. -- "The disease is termed by professional men, 'Acute and Epidemic Pneumonia,' or 'Contagious Inflammation of the Lungs'  The first symptoms of the disease are -- The beast hangs his head -- there is dryness of the muzzle -- the mouth and breath are hot -- the flanks more or less agitated -- there is a hard, dry, and frequent cough, or hoost -- the appetite is gone, but the thirst is excessive -- the excrement is solid and black, or liquid, black, and offensive.  The horns and ears are alternately hot and cold -- there is tenderness along the spine or back -- the eyes are unnaturally bright, yet weeping -- there is grinding of the teeth.  The mouth and breath become hotter; a mucous or sometimes purulent discharge runs from the mouth and nostrils, at first clear, and then becoming brown, red, or bloody.  The prostration of strength increases, the beast falls -- he perhaps rises again for a little while, and then falls and dies.  On examination after death, the lungs are gorged, and black with blood, in many parts gangrene is begun.  Of the nature of the treatment there can be no rational doubt that the congested state of the lungs, the breaking down of the substance of that important part, must be sufficient to convince any rational person of the mischief that is going forward, in the early stage, and the necessity of disarming the enemy before it is too late. Therefore this acute pneumonia should be attacked in time, and by the most energetic treatment. - Extract from the work "Cattle," published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.