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December  27.    Diana, BREW, Ramsey, Mary Ann, BROWN, Newry.
                  28.    Fisher, YOUNG; George, PEILE, Dublin.  Jean, MILLICAN, Water of Urr.
                  29.    Perseverance, PIERVE, Dublin.
                  30.    Henry Hartness, WHEELER, Strangford.
                  31.    Lion, GREER, Belfast.  Jason, WILSON, Drogheday.
January       1.    Maggie Lauder, DOCKERTY, Dumfries.  Mary, BROWN, Dublin.  Carrywell, ROBINSON,                                    Belfast.
                    3.    Mary, BROWN, Dublin.
December  29.   Cocker, AITKIN, Liverpool.
January       2.   Diana, BREW, Ramsey.  Jean, MILLICAN, Water of Urr.  Ann Jane, SULLIVAN, Belfast.  Maggie                           Lauder, DOCKERTY, Dumfries.