PORT CARLISLE.
December 28.      Alfred, RICHARDSON; Perseverance, GOWAN, Dumfries.
                 29.      Ann and Mary, LOMAS; John and Mary, HASTIE; St. Winifred, SMITH;                                                                 Doddington, HENDERSON, Annan. Milliam and Mary, IRVING, Port                                                                     Dinorwick.   
January     1.       Druid, AITKIN, Annan.
                  2.       Doddington, HENDERSON; John, IRVING; Gamon, ENGLISH, Annan.
                  3.       Royal Victoria, HUDSON, Liverpool.
December 28.      Prosperity, DAVISON, general goods, Glasgow.  Rose, IRVING, coals, Douglas. Two Sisters,                                 STEWART, coals, Dumbries.  Royal Victoria, HUDSON, ballast, Annan.
                 29.      Newcastle, BERTON, goods and passengers, Liverpool.  St. Winifred, SMITH, general goods,                                 Annan.  Elizabeth, RAE, general goods, Belfast.
                 30.      Alfred, RICHARDSON, general goods, Dumbries.  Matilda, HARE, coals, Wigtown.  Ann and                                 Mary, LOMAS, coals; John and Mary, HASTIE, coals, Annan.
January      1.      Shirleywich, RADCLIFFE, coals, Annan.
                   2.      Perseverance, GOWAN, coals, Dublin.  Ann and Mary, WAITE, coals, Newry.  Rebecca,                                         SAMMON, general goods; Doddington, HENDERSON, ballast; Gamon, ENGLISH, ballast,                                     Annan.
                   3.      Susan, WRIGHT, coals, Annan.