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    DUMFRIES, Wednesday, Jan. 3. -- Only about twenty cattle in the market today.  No business done worthy of notice.  The supply of pigs moderate; prices mush the same as last week, varying generally from about 6s to 10s.  The supply of pork was large, but the demand was very good, and prices advanced from 2d to 3d per stone.  The best carcases gave generally from 4s 2d to 4s 3d, and in some instances 4s 4d was obtained.
    GLASGOW, Monday, Jan. 1. -- The market today very much resembled that of last week -- the supply of cattle being rather under an average, with a brisk demand for all that was good, at our quotations.  The rise upon sheep noticed last week was maintained.  Best stot beef, 8s 9d to 9s 6d; and cow and ordinary do., 6s 6d to 8s 3 per stone of 22½ lbs.