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    LINDLEY. -- Robert LINDLEY was born at Rotherham, Yorkshire, in 1777.  At a very early age he is said to have manifested a partiality for music and a predilection for the violoncello.  Before he was nine years old, his father, an amateur violin-player, taught him that instrument, and then allowed him to practice upon the violoncello.  Upon this instrument he laboured till he was sixteen, when the famous violoncellist CERVETTO happened to hear him, and being struck with his talent, offered to give him free lessons, an offer which he accepted.  In 1794, LINDLEY was promoted to the situation of principal violoncello in the King's Theatre, London, and he has ever since been considered the most eminent of British violoncellists.  His command of his instrument in execution is very great, and his intonation perfect.  His tone is remarkably powerful, and tells admirably in an orchestra.  Fluently as LINDLEY discourses upon his instrument, he has an impediment in his speech, which sometimes renders his utterance very incoherent.  His countenance is highly expressive of urbanity and good humour, qualities with which he is richly endowed.  There are few men, indeed, whose physiognomy is more prepossessing, and to this, as well as to his exquisite skill on his instrument, he is indebted for the favour with which he is always regarded by the public.