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    ABSENTEE PATRIOTS. -- The Semaphore de Marseilles announces that a number of distinguished English had, in imitation of Lord BROUGHAM, purchased estates in the neighbourhood of Cannes, in the south of France.  General Sir ___ TAYLOR, amongst others, had built a splendid villa near the chateau of his lordship, and Mr. LEADER, the member for Westminster, has bought a fine estate in the immediate vicinity of Lord BROUGHAM'S residence, where he intends to erect a handsome mansion, of which he gave the plan to his architect, with orders to build it with the greatest activity.  "It is impossible," says the correspondent of the Semaphore, "to choose a site offering a more delightful view.  It will rise on the shores of the Mediterranean, amidst orange groves and plantations of cassia and palm trees, and rival in splendour the most beautiful villas of Italy, and, in point of comfort and magnificence, the chateaux of opulent England.  Lord BROUGHAM and Mr. LEADER have jointly purchased an extensive forest of pine, arbutus, and cocoa-trees, full of game of every description, and abounding particularly with foxes.  It will serve as the theatre of one of the favourite sports society of Great Britain now prefer purchasing chateaux in southern countries to residing in the hotels of Nice or Pisa, where Sardinian and Italian habits do not coincide with the exigencies of English comfort.  It is a new luxury which is now being adopted by the rich inhabitants of England.  Cannes, a French town, so admirably situate, where the rigours of winter are unknown, where the country and the sea present such a delightful aspect, has had the good fortune to have become the object of that predilection which will increase the propriety as well as the renown of our town."