HUDDERSFIELD. -- There was a fair attendance of merchants at Huddersfield, last market day, considering that it was the last market of the year, and a tolerable amount of business was done.  It is expected that the demand for the spring trade will soon become very brisk.
    LEICESTER. -- In Leicester the demand is rather better this week than it was, and it is anticipated that a further improvement will take place as the year opens.  A good business has been done in wools this week, at advanced prices, and there are rumours of a further advance in yarns. -- Leicester Chronicle.
    LEEDS. -- There was not a large business done at Leeds, last week, in either of the halls, but this was hardly expected, as the last market in the year is always proverbially a dull one; stocks are very low, and prices firm.
    HALIFAX. -- There was a pretty active demand for piece goods at Halifax, last week, especially the better quality of lastings, which are rather scarce; prices are very firm, and perhaps in a case or two rather higher rates were paid; generally, however, no change took place.
    BRADFORD. -- There was but a small attendance of buyers at Bradford, last market day, and the number of pieces sold was not by any means an average one; prices are lustily complained of by the manufacturers, who cannot command proportionate advance on goods with that on wool, and there appears no way to accomplish this without curtailing the production.  Yarns in fair request, and prices unchanged.  Wool steady.
    MANCHESTER, TUESDAY. -- With the new year the prospects of the manufacturers are decidedly encouraging, but at the hour of writing so little business has been done that it is difficult to state the exact tone of the market; but that a farther small advance will be established for the most descriptions of goods, before the close of the market, there is little doubt.  Some large firms refuse to enter into fresh contracts unless at an advance of five per cent. on the current prices of this day, and in the opinion of good judges, if not acceded to at the moment, such must be the case during the week, for with the exception of one or two descriptions of goods, stocks have not been so low for some years past.  Yarns continue unchanged for nearly all qualities and numbers.  The slightest reduction on the part of spinners would enable them to quit stock to any extent.
    MERCANTILE AFFAIRS. -- Business was resumed in the mercantile markets this day; merchants manifested firmness, and refrained from offering any kind of produce at public sale.  The home trade were buyers of all articles to a fair extent, paying full rates; but for exportation only a moderate business was transacted.  The demand is on the increase for articles used in manufacturing purposes.  Mercantile affairs have a favourable appearance for the present year.  The public sales declared are not of much moment, with the exception of Mauritius sugar, Ceylon coffee, and indigo.  The money market is easy, and 2¼ to 2½ the rate of interest for the best bills.  By our annual statement of the deliveries of goods, it appears, in almost every instance, there is an increase as compared with the previous year. -- London New Price Current of Tuesday.