Foreign and Colonial Intelligence.
    RUSSIA. -- The Russian trade with England and other foreign countries has at length closed, accounts of the 12th instant from St. Petersburgh stating that the Neva was first covered with ice as early as the 16th of November, though, subsequently, single vessels were enabled to come in to Cronstadt from the seas.  At the date of our advices, however, the navigation was entirely stopped.  The number of vessels arrived during the season was 1185, and there sailed 1222.
    PERU -- By the Annabello, from Africa, which arrived at Liverpool, on Saturday, letters have been received to the 9th Sept.; from which it appears that Peru is still in a most disorganised state, harassed by a number of pretenders to supreme political power.  General VIVANCO has possession of the capital, and calls himself "president of the republic;" whilst a General CASTILLO holds the country in the neighbourhood of Africa, and calls himself  "supreme chief of the nation;"  and General NIETO holds Tacna, calling himself  "superior chief."  Each of these sets up for himself; and so, apparently, does every man who can get together a few hundred ragamuffins under the name of soldier; whilst all regular industry is greatly impeded, and commercial intercourse between different towns almost entirely destroyed.  It appears that on the 29th of August there was a very smart battle in the neighbourhood of Tacna, between the government troops  (those of General VIVANCO) and the forces of General NIETO; in which the former were entirely defeated, and all their infantry taken prisoners; so that the  "president of the republic"  does not seem likely very soon to have full possession of the country.  At the date of the last advices, the third party, under General CASTILLO, were understood to be advancing upon Tacna; so that there would probably be another struggle for the possession of that place.  Of course these broils have a most injurious effect upon the English merchants in Peru; and the writer of the letters from which we have collected the foregoing particulars, and who is resident at Tacna, states that his store had been closed for some time; that business was entirely suspended; and that, although he had dollars in his possession, he durst not send them to the neighbouring port of Africa for shipment to England.