Condensed Intelligence.
    There is now living in a small village near Louth, a cottager's wife, who has lately been confined of her twenty-seventh child.
    In Russia, if a carriage is driven over any person and injures him, whatever may be the merits of the case, the horses are forfeited to the crown, and the driver, if a Russian peasant, sentenced to be a soldier.
    The French government are pushing their Atlantic steamers towards completion at a rapid rate, for the purpose of an early start in the spring: four of them will be ready to leave Havre when the Great Western and Great Britain leave Liverpool.
    The cradle in which Henry V. (of Monmouth) was rocked is now in the possession of G. W. BRAIKENRIDGE, Esq., of Brislington, near Bristol.
    By way of commencement towards raising £10,000 to enable the British Temperance Association thoroughly to agitate and enlighten the whole kingdom, the Leeds society has voted £50, and the esteemed president of our association, John WADE, Esq., of Hull, has offered to give £50, if other forty-nine persons can be found to do the same.  Surely, in opulent England, fifty such men can be found! -- National Temperance Advocate.
    The mission at Jerusalem is proceeding very prosperously.  The spirit of inquiry among the Jews is becoming stronger, and not a few have openly professed their belief of the Gospel.
    The Duke of Manchester has adopted the allotment system on his Huntingdonshire estates;  and last week his grace's agent, with the Rev. J. HUGHES, let a field of twelve acres in small allotments to upwards of seventy labourers at Meonbury.  His grace has built a boys school at Kimbolton, and appointed a master, for the advantage of the labouring population.
    An eccentric Englishman, who has lately died in Paris, has left property, which produces not less than two million Frances annually, to be devoted to the release of persons imprisoned for debt in the Clichy and St. Palagie.
    Travelling in a wilderness country, I found myself beset with numberless paths intersecting each other and leading I know not whither.  I sat me down to consider what course to take:  This is reason -- Just as I was about to abandon myself in despair, I espied at a distance, a finger-post on which was written "This is the way, walk ye in it." -- This is a revelation.

    It is said that Mehemet Ali PACHA is seriously contemplating the execution of some great work which could serve to perpetuate his memory to future ages.  Three projects are under his consideration; first, a ship canal between the Red Sea and the Nile; second, a canal to join the Red Sea with the Nile; third, a railway across the Desert between Cairo and Suez.  Which of the three he may determine on is unknown.
    A man has been admitted into the Bristol Infirmary, having had both his ears cut off by a cart wheel.  This is the statement of the man himself, but rumour ascribes the mutilation to various causes -- amongst others, that a jealous lady was at the bottom of the affair.
    Mr. BOWES'S celebrated horse, Cotherstone, has won, during the past year, the immense sum of £13,790 in stakes alone.
    The poor-law guardians of Tuam refuse to obey a peremptory order of the commissioners to open the poor house of that union, on the ground that if open there would be no use in admitting paupers as they have no funds to maintain them!
    The council of the Royal College of Surgeons, in accordance with the provisions of their new charter, have issued a list of 300 gentlemen, selected by them from amongst the commonality, to be the new fellows in whom is to be centred all the honours and dignities of the profession.
    The duty on the importation of foreign, wheat has this week advanced to 20s per quarter, the average price of grain in this country, for the six weeks being 50s 11d.
    The Railway Share Market has evinced unabated activity, and the price of the lines keeps still tending upwards.  The current of investment is strongly tending in that direction.
    The Dublin Packet announces that the Conservative members of the town council have come to the determination of declining the customary invitation to the inauguration dinner of the Lord Mayor elect.
    His Royal Highness Prince Albert has been pleased to appoint the Marquis of Granby to be a Lord of the Bedchamber, in the room of admiral Lord COLVILLE, resigned.  His Royal Highness, has also been pleased to appoint Admiral Lord COLVILLE to be extra Lord of the Bedchamber.

    In America, we find Democracy united to Slavery; in France Jacobinism to despotism; in England, Conservatism to Freedom; and Liberalism conjoined to humbug everywhere!
    Mr. BALDWIN, jun., of the Standard, has, within the last few days, become the purchaser of the Morning Herald, for the sum of £28,000.
    Louis PHILIPPE has dismissed eight Mayors of commons for attending the levees of the Duke of Bordeaux at Belgrave Square.
    The French mission to China left Brest on the 12th by the Syrene frigate, which has been specially fitted up for the purpose.
    General Santa Anna has been again elected President of the Republic of Mexico.
    Apple trees in bud and blossom, together with polyanthuses, wallflowers, primroses, and daises, in full bloom, may now be observed in almost all the gardens in the neighbourhood of Lancaster.
    A young man named WAUGH, a junior clerk in a mercantile establishment in Belfast, last week forged two checks to the amount of £800, and he succeeded in getting £500 at the Belfast bank, and £300 at the bank of Boyle and Company.  He immediately started with the proceeds for Liverpool, and has not since been heard of.
    Sir Charles BURRELL'S large piece of water in Essex, the extent of which is about ninety acres, was drawn off and fished, a week back, when the take was -- carp, 2,917, weighing 49 cst. 2 qrs.; pike 406, weighing 5 cwt. 2 qrs. 23 lbs.; eels 6 cwt. 1 qr.; besides 178 perch and 160 tench, not weighed, without counting roach, the take of which was much smaller than usual.
    The dead weight of the pigs, of the improved Essex breed, bred and fed by Mr. Fisher HOBBS, of Mark's-hall, Coggeshall, aged thirty weeks and six days, shown at the Smithfield Club exhibition, and classed in the show under XVII., No. 171, was 29 st., 28 st., 26 st.    

    An ox was killed at Waltham a short time since and on proceeding to cut it up, a live snake, perfect with the exception of its scales, as found in the caul of the animal.  It measured 2 feet 6 inches in length.
    In Prussia, the government has granted free postage for all railway correspondence, and exemption from stamp duties on all deeds and documents that railway companies may have to execute, with other privileges.
    An Irishman went to the parish priest, and told him, with a long face, that he had seen a ghost. "When and where?"  "It was passing by the church, and up against the wall of it did I behold the spectre."  "In what shape did it appear?" asked the priest.  "It appeared in the shape of a great ass."  "Go home and hold your tongue about it," said the priest, "you are a very timid man, and have been frightened at your own shadow."
    Several iron steam-boats have been ordered to be built by the Lords of the Admiralty, to be employed for the conveyance of despatches.
    Lord MELBOURNE, lately inspecting the kitchen of the Reform Club House, jocosely remarked to M. SOYER, chef de cuisine upon the pretty female assistants -- "My Lord," said SOYER, "we do not want plain cooks here."
    In the published evidence of Colonel MABERLY, secretary to the Post Office, the "plunder" of letters and newspapers is described as "terrific."
    If England paid her national debt, it would take £46 9s. 2d. from each person to pay it; it would take £11 9s. 2d. from each Frenchman to pay the debt of France; it would take £55 8s. 4d. from each Dutchman to pay the debt of Holland; and it would only take £4 13s. 9d. from each Pennsylvanian to pay the debt repudiated.
    The Royal Court of Paris decided on Wednesday that an East Indian slave as well as all other slaves, recovered their liberty the moment they set their foot on the territory of France.
    The bank of Clark and Co., which recently made a crash in Leicester, lost 5s. a minute or a penny per second, during the whole of its twenty-five years ruinous existence.