SPECULATION OF THE ANTI-CORN LAW LEAGUE. -- The high range of prices of foreign wheat in the Baltic posts as compared with those obtainable for the article, either free or bonded, in this country, has for some time caused some surprise to many of the merchants engaged in the trade; but the mystery has been solved in a way perfectly in keeping with the unguarded admission of Mr. Alderman BROOKS, of Manchester, which may henceforth, and forever be designated as the peculiarly appropriate motto of the league.  The exquisitely simple and truthful exclamation "God love you!  We are all for ourselves in this world," is now in course of practical illustration with a view of turning "an honest penny" for the advantage of the irresponsible, and "unaccounting" financial managers of the league, who have the exclusive fingering of the funds subscribed by their silly dupes.  The money of the Anti-Corn Law League is at this moment invested in a speculation on a rise in the value of foreign wheat in the spring, based upon a calculation that the trade will continue in a depressed state until after the meeting of parliament, when the question of a fixed duty, or the maintenance of the present law will at once be decided, and, in either way, render the operation highly profitable.  With those expectations, confirmed by what is known of the deficient yield of the last crop, and the rapid rate at which consumption has proceeded, agents at Dantzic have recently purchased to the extent of 60,000 quarters of wheat for persons known to be leading men of the league, and who, from the magnitude of the transaction would never engage in it for their own individual account -- at least as far as the chance of loss is concerned.  It is therefore manifestly the interest of the selfish and artful leaders of the anti-agricultural confederacy, to strain every nerve in support of their mischievous agitation, in order that the farmers may be frightened into prematurely selling their corn, and thus sacrifice their property to the enrichment of their determined foes!