The hoarding miser punishes himself, and the spendthrift punishes the innocent. The hoarder thinks so much of the time to come as to forget the present; the squanderer has his thoughts so taken up with the present, as to neglect the future. The lives as if he was never to die, and the last as if he had but a day to enjoy.
Both are unprofitable members of society - the one occasioning a stoppage in the circulation and the other an hemorrhage. The hoarding miser is like a fog, that infects the air, the prodigal resembles an outrageous storm, that overturns all in its way. The hoarder passes restless nights, though he has nothing to fear; the squanderer sleeps sound, and leaves want of repose to his creditors. The hoarding miser is a ridiculous creature, and the prodigal a noxious animal.